November 8, 2016

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Quick 3 Step Rescue Plan for Asthma

April 19, 2019

These 3 simple steps and can quickly and easily take away the fear of an impending attack and also help to restore healthy breathing, often within minutes.


The best time to abort an asthma attack is before it gets a hold of you. Aside from something called 'brittle asthma', you can usually tell when an asthma attack in coming. It usually is that familiar, gradual feeling of congestion, tightness, coughing or breathlessness. Or perhaps you know that you will be in your 'danger zone': pets nearby, perfume, stress or allergies. Your 'danger zone' is anywhere or anything that can trigger an attack.


Dr. Konstantin Buteyko believed that over-breathing was the main cause of asthma symptoms. No matter what the cause is, you can often stop the attack in its tracks if you catch the symptoms early and start correcting your breathing right away.


3 Step Rescue Plan for Asthma 


1. First, and most important, RELAX. - Calm your breathing consciously. Breathe quietly and evenly. Think about taking a smaller breathe in and it going right down to the diaphragm, then exhale naturally, not forcibly. Repeat until calm and breathing relaxes.


2. CLOSE YOUR MOUTH. It is vital to reduce your breathing at this point. It sounds counter productive but it really works. Using your nose to breathe through will automatically reduce your volume by 6 times. This prevents an excessive loss of carbon dioxide which is vital for the transfer of oxygen to the cells. More oxygen leads to less symptoms. 


3. DO MANY MINI-BREATH-HOLDS. This is a Buteyko Breathing Method exercise, used to reduce your breathing volume and relax you both physically and mentally.



  1. Take a normal breath in

  2. A partial breath out

  3. Hold your nose closed

  4. Count to 3 or 5 seconds

  5. Release your nose - keep your mouth closed

  6. Breathe normally for 10 to 15 seconds

  7. Repeat 1 to 6 until calm and breathing better.  (About 1 to 5 minutes. )

* If the above methods don't work for you after 5 minutes, use your inhaler as prescribed. 

If needed, after three doses, 5 min apart, seek medical help. 


I know people who have forgotten to take their inhaler with them when they went out and they used the above method to stop an attack and were able to restore their breathing. Naturally!


"Remember in order to be well, you must first breathe well. " Learn Buteyko to prevent, control or eliminate asthma, so you can get your life back"


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