“After using the Buteyko Method for just 6 weeks, my doctor said that I no longer have asthma.” 

Heather Duff, Sechelt BC Canada 

Asthma Care
Sleep Care
Stress and Anxiety

Did you know that asthma does not have to be permanent?

Many medical trials have shown that by correcting your breathing you can restore healthy breathing and hence be able to reduce strong medications.


We will teach you how to effectively apply the method to quickly be breathing easy again.


Our workshops whether in a group or private classes are safe for any age or severity of asthma. We guarantee to improve your breathing when you apply The Buteyko exercises​ as suggested.  See Guarantee.

Protect yourself from sleep apnea, snoring and disruptive sleep.  Sleep apnea can cause serious health issues, puts extra strain on the heart and impairs cognitive functioning.


By correcting your breathing  you will wake refreshed and ready for the day.

Anxiety is closely related to poor breathing. 

Over-breathing stimulates the 'fight or flight' response and heightens fear. By learning how to control your breathing during times of stress you can prevent anxiety, panic, and fear. Restoring your breathing now can lead to a lifetime of feeling calm and centered. 

Asthma Free Kidz

According to The Canadian Asthma Society, asthma rates for children are increasing by 50% every 10 years. More and more children are prescribed puffers to use before sports in order to prevent exercise-induced asthma.


Teaching kids how to breathe correctly; through simple, fun exercises protects your child from asthma and ensures a safe, healthy, drug-free future.  


For  ages 5 and up.

(A parent must accompany the child at no charge.)


A Great Smile Naturally

Research shows that children and teenagers who breathe through their mouths are at risk of having serious and costly dental problems.


Not only do they have increased cavities and gum problems, but mouth breathing results in poor facial development, narrow faces, receded chins, crowded teeth, and overbites.


Learning how to breathe correctly is the safest, simplest, most cost-effective way to ensure a great smile that will last a lifetime.

Sports and Exercises

Achieve your best result. Buteyko training stimulates high-altitude training and is used by professional athletes to produce optimum oxygen absorption, reduce injuries, speed recovery, and increase alertness and coordination. 


Exercise is an important part of any healing program. Learn how to prevent exercise-induced-asthma attacks with Buteyko.

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