The Buteyko Breathing Method

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What is the Buteyko Method

The Buteyko Method was developed by Dr Konstantin Buteyko, who was the chief doctor of asthma and resiratory diseases at the First Moscow Institute of Medicine in Russia. He discovered that chronic over-breathing was the leading contributing factor to causing asthma attacks. He developed a natural way to correct faulty breathing that  works. The Buteyko Method was approved for widespread use after medical trials in Russian . Since 1950 it has helped hundreds of thousands of people to manage and get rid of asthma.

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Not sure if The Buteyko Method is right for you? Call for a FREE 15 Min consultation with a Christine Byrne, a licensed Buteyko expert, to see if Buteyko is right for you. In this time, you will take away valuable advice that will help you to breathe better right away, even if you do not take the course. There is no obligation to purchase anything. I look forward to hearing from you.

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